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Hello and welcome! My name is Daniel Gonzales, you’ve just found one of my favorite website pages. Thank you for visiting this WordPress home page. Social media users from all over the world are using WordPress to enhance their engagement online. WordPress can be an incredible solution for maximizing social media (read more.)


Social media has changed everything, Social Media Management has become a very interesting job. I formerly worked in the restaurant industry; cooking and management. I changed directions with my primary work routine in the year 2008.


A change of direction was on my horizon due to an injury that required me to be off my feet for a while. As I was recovering from a serious injury, I began learning about marketing while starting a business. It didn’t take long to realize that previous work experience with management and customer service both contribute to a great foundation for self-employment responsibility. Set the proper goals, embrace your previous work experience, then all you need is access to the right tools and resources.

The best part about growing a business has been the experience of relationship building. Relationship building is something that can happen through the process of establishing a consistent flow of new customers. Helping other people achieve new title ranks such as Marketing Director has also been very rewarding. Leadership and team-leverage both contribute to a strong business.


I now participate in business while focusing on products such as; web tools, body care, and fitness. If you’re someone like me who uses social media, I highly recommend exploring the Home Business industry. Social media users from all over the world are embracing and using the Home dgwebsite.infoBusiness industry to elevate their entire experience online. Industry fact sheets are available at

The Home Business industry includes a unique distribution model that is outlined perfectly through a video titled Brilliant Compensation. The video is available to be viewed (here.) The Brilliant Compensation video is an incredible resource for people who want to learn “where to start” based on current economic trends and climate.


Social media has completely enhanced the way we can communicate with each other. Amidst these enhancements for communication, a new trend for distribution has been amplified. Companies and individuals around the world are focusing on distribution like never before. “Word of mouth” advertising and social sharing have become two of the top focus points for more efficient distribution. Some of the best solutions for learning how to participate are available here.

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